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A Message from the ABNDN Executive President

Yaateeh Shi Ke', extending out to you all a wonderful greeting of kinship, a hardy handshake and a hug. With spring on the horizon, renewal of the season, prayers are that it will bring healing, comfort and peace to our hearts, mind, body , soul and spirit. Also with the vaccination going, it gives hope and reassurance that there are better days in store for us all. I'm sure there are hesitancies of getting the shot but I got mine even with the reservation, my thought was " this virus is really dangerous, seeing what it has caused all over, I would much rather take a chance with the vaccine than with the virus" So the choice is there and i encourage all to seriously do what needs to be done to protect yourself and those that you love. With the vaccine also raises concern of letting our guards down, we need to continue protecting ourselves, PPE's, avoiding social gatherings, staying home , etc. we also strongly encourage to follow ceremonial protocol as set earlier and disseminated. As we move into spring, we plan to set a ABNDN BOD meeting to discuss ceremonial protocols, spiritual pilgrimage, general meetings, administration transition and the convention, in person or virtually if need be. In the meantime, the vaccination period should help in making this possible in the near future. We can gauge the safety of gatherings accordingly and to also set perimeters of accommodations for the health and safety of everyone. The CDC protocol and the Navajo Nation protocols all play into this plan and we have to abide and comply accordingly. In the meantime, really do take care of yourselves and each other, we need to continue to pray with our spiritual paraphernalia for guidance and protection. May the crackling of grandma and grandpa fire, the motherly sound of prayer, the fatherly sound of the drum and gourd and the sound of the sacred voice of self and nature all blend to give you a god wonderful spiritual sense of comfort, love, security and hope for better days coming. Please, really do take care of yourselves and we will be together again soon.

Steven S. Benally, President

*Updated February 17, 2021

3rd Quarter General Meeting @ Navajo Mountain Utah

District 17 Youth Education Day @ Steamboat Arizona 

Azee Bee Nahgha of Dine Nation Inc