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1. There are no updated meetings as of now. 

A Message from the ABNDN Web Developer

Ya'at'eeh Friends and relative i pray that everything is going great for you all. It has been a rough couple of months since this pandemic has been around our nation. Please follow all CDC Guidelines and remember to practice social distancing by 6 feet. wash you hands for about 20 seconds and remember to wear your mask.. We are all praying that this will soon leave our nation. i pray that you all will be protected as well as your families.  If you have any questions or concerns i can be reached at  Aho!

Trevor S. Foster

*Updated July 9, 2020

3rd Quarter General Meeting @ Navajo Mountian Utah 

District 17 Youth Education Day @ Steamboat Arizona 

Azee Bee Nahgha of Dine Nation Inc